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6 Continuing Education hours in Mindfulness


Tired of listening to impersonal workshops in crowded conference rooms? Check out our Continuing Education in an immersive, active learning format.  Scroll down for upcoming CE WORKSHOPS AND RETREATS that provide

Clinical Training in Mindfulness.


July 13th - Saturday - 9:15am-4:00pm

In-Person, One-Day Retreat

"MINDFULNESS: Building Resilience While Reducing Stress & Anxiety"

6 Hours CEs for BBS Licenses

at Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino CA, includes Working Lunch Meditation

Jerome Front, LMFT is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

(Provider #15848) to sponsor Continuing Education for CA LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and/or LEPs. 

Jerome Front, LMFT maintains responsibility for this course and its content. Pre-licensed members may earn hours of experience for attending

this workshop as approved by their supervisors. CE  Certificates provided onsite.

CAMFT CEP#: 015848   -  LMFT#:  MFC30359.

NOTE: This Summer Training Retreat usually fills up - Register Early - especially if you will be attending with anyone! 


This day of mindfulness is an oasis from the world's stress...

Savor this Retreat Center's peaceful, rustic rolling hills while learning mindful practices for building resilience, calm and awe, while reducing anxiety and stress. This active training in mindfulness and meditation, taught in down-to-earth language, includes a  working silent-lunch meditation! No prior meditation experience is necessary.


This specific course emphasizes Two-fold Evidence-based Clinical Mindfulness Practices: Benefits Cultivated by: 1) Formal Meditation Practice, and 2) Informal/ Everyday Mindfulness Practices.  We will also define 3 key facets to clinical mindful practice that form a foundation for clinical interventions. Topics also include clinical interventions for helping clients build resilience, calm, and awe, while reducing stress and anxiety. This clinical training workshop will alternate between lecture, immersive /experiential mindful practice and active learning, as well as discussion periods that deepen participants firsthand learning of clinical mindfulness,  and provide foundational elements for using mindfulness based interventions.

NOTE: This Training Retreat usually fills up - register early - especially if you will be attending with anyone! 


Savor the retreat center's amazing ocean vistas during this informative day for learning mindfulness by experiencing it. This active training in mindfulness and meditation - taught in down-to-earth language- includes a working silent-lunch meditation!


No prior meditation experience is necessary. 

**Clinical CE Objectives - Participants will be able to: 

1) List 3 Facets of Mindfulness Foundational to Interventions for Resilience & Reducing Stress/ Anxiety

2) Describe and Implement Two Formal Mindfulness Practices for Stress/ Anxiety Reduction

3) List 2 Questions Useful for Cultivating Informal Practice for Stress/ Anxiety Reduction 

4) Describe Two Ways Informal Mindfulness Practice Can Decrease Stress in Everyday Interactions

5) Identify 3 Qualities of Embodied Experience in Mindful Sensory Meditations for Increasing Calm and Awe

6) List Research and Resources for Stress/ Anxiety Reduction and Building Resilience & Awe


This Course meets the qualifications for 

6 CE Hours for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California 

Board of Behavioral Sciences

Location: Holy Spirit Retreat Conference Center, 4316 Lanai Road, Encino, CA 91436



Early Registration (BEFORE JULY 5th) $159 per person

Regular Registration (JULY 5th and After) $189 per person

Payable by PayPal On-line. Zelle or Venmo (

To pay by Check, please contact us for address.

Refund Policy: Prior to JUL 5, 2024, cost is refundable minus a 10% Cancellation fee. 

After JUL 5, 2024 Fee is completely Non-refundable -- for any reason -- and Non-transferable to other workshops.

This is the original Los Angeles Mindfulness Retreat Workshop since 1996, where more than 3,200 people have studied and deepened their mindfulness! To enhance experiential learning, this workshop includes music, poetry, and a natural setting.

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