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Continuing Education in Mindfulness


Spring-Summer 2020

Tired of listening to impersonal workshops in crowded conference rooms?

Check out our Continuing Education in an immersive, active learning format. 

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Mindfulness in Deep Relationship: Cultivating Sources of Relational Nourishment


Friday May 8th to Sunday May 10th 2020

CEUs for Nurses and BBS Professionals - LMFTs, LCSWs, LEPs, LPCCs, BBS Registered Associates


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You are warmly invited to begin the year with the unique experience of relaxing and actively learning at the same time!   

December 13, 2019 CEU Mindfulness Training Details: 

This retreat invites you to open to the nourishing interplay at all levels of human experience.  You will experience mindfulness as always embodied and inherently relational. Embodied practice will be cultivated using meditations involving the senses, breathing, eating and the body, creating an intimacy with your moment-to-moment inner and outer experience. This loving way of being in relationship to yourself will then widen to being in mindful relationship with one another.

“Individually, we all know our longings coexist at emotional, spiritual, bodily and interpersonal levels. Fortunately, these basic needs form our common human ground,” says Jerome Front. “Opening to these primal areas with mindful awareness can create profoundly nourishing and transformative relational experiences including: attunement, resonance, empathy, being understood, increased personal presence and the soothing and integrating experience of being known in another’s accepting, warm presence.”  Outside sensory work, silent meals, music, ritual and relational meditation instruction will provide active learning. Lessons will be drawn from current research. Mindful dialogue and inquiry will alternate with periods of intentional silence. Open to everyone, this retreat is an especially rich resource for helping professionals, teachers and nurses.


CEU Workshop Goals: 

Identify Three Facets of Mindfulness for Clinical Work

Explain how Changing one's Relationship to Awareness and Breathing Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Recognize how Relational Mindfulness is Foundational for Attuned Listening and Empathy

Apply and Explore two ways to Enhance Clinical Competency with Mindfulness

Course meets the qualifications for 10 hours of continuing education credit

for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.  

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at Holy Spirit Retreat Center

Encino, California

Jerome Front, LMFT, is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to sponsor continuing education for CA LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, LEPs and BBS Registered Associates.

Jerome Front, LMFT maintains responsibility for this program/course and its content. CAMFT

Pre-licensed members may earn hours of experience for attending this workshop as approved by their supervisors.   

CE Completion Certificates provided onsite.

CAMFT CEP#: 015848   -  LMFT#:  MFC30359


DECEMBER 13, 2019:

COST: (includes working lunch and full-day workshop)

> only $139.00! Early Discount for One person BEFORE DEC 06th Deadline.

> only $129.00! Each Early Discount for TWO or More REGISTERING TOGETHER, BEFORE DEC 06th Deadline.

$169.00 each, Regular Fee, After BEFORE DEC 06th Deadline.

Refunds: No Refunds or transfers --- for any reason --- AFTER DEC 6th Deadline.

Refunds prior to Dec 6th are minus a 10% cancellation fee.


** Clinical CEU Objectives:  Participants will be able to:   

1) Identify Three Facets of Mindfulness for Clinical Work: Intention/Attention, Doing One at One Time, The Present Moment.

2) Explain How Changing one’s Relationship to: 1) Awareness and  2) Breathing,  Helps Manage Anxiety and Stress.

3) Recognize How Relational Mindfulness is Foundational for 1) Attuned Listening and 2) Empathy.

4) Apply and Explore two ways to enhance clinical competency with mindfulness


COURSE DESCRIPTION / CLINICAL FOCUS:  "MINDFULNESS AND RELATIONALITY"  This specific course emphasizes the internal and external relational and systems aspects of mindfulness.  This workshop will describe and demonstrate how mindfulness meditation techniques /meditative attention is a foundation for Clinical Applications: Including how mindfulness meditation practices, as well as three specific facets of mindfulness can help develop interventions for a new relationship to stress and anxiety. Also covered will be essential interpersonal relational qualities such as attuned listening and empathy;  as well as how Internal relationality cultivates emotion-regulation.  The workshop will alternate between lecture, immersive /experiential mindful practice and active learning, as well as periods of intentional silence and discussion of relational applications to facilitate a firsthand learning of clinical mindfulness. This active learning, and regular mindfulness practice, is recommended by mindfulness experts as essential for active learning of mindfulness that is necessary to ensure an authentic, professional, ethical, and clinically competent use of mindfulness.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Although this training workshop meets the qualifications for 6 hours of continuing education credit only for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences -- Many other clinicians, educators, care-givers such as: physicians, psychologists, nurses, educative administrators, teachers, clergy as well as others in helping and care-giving relationships regularly attend. They participate to deepen their skill applying Mindfulness in Clinical setting, as well as help clients and clinicians achieve a sense of being more fully alive.  Providers and Caregivers have returned regularly to deepen recommended embodied learning (e.g, Siegel, Kabat-Zinn, Alper, etc.)  Come taste this peaceful, practical and integrative training experience for yourself. Your colleagues are also warmly invited. It's the perfect gift to yourself or someone close to you!  This Retreat is likely to fill-up -- register early!



SPECIAL NEEDS:  Facilities are accessible to persons with disabilities.  If you have a special need and plan to attend a workshop, please contact Jerome Front prior to registering at or 818-760-7725.  Requests can be honored if they are made 30 days or more before the workshop/ training date.


REFUND POLICY: Refunds:  Fee is Non-Refundable and Not Transferable to other retreats -- for Any reason -- within one week of workshop. Prior to DEC 06, 2019, fee is refundable minus 10% cancellation fee.


GRIEVANCES: While we go to great lengths to deliver a fair and engaging educational program, and anticipate problems, there will be occasional issues which come up.  If you have questions or concerns, contact Jerome Front, LMFT.  Complete information on procedural guidelines can be found at:


CONSENT TO USE PHOTOGRAPHIC AND VIDEO IMAGES: Photographic and Video Images:  Jerome Front, LMFT and affiliates may be photographing, video- or audio- taping, or webcasting this workshop or retreat.  Attendance at, and/or participation at this event constitute and agreement by attendee to use and distribution of the participant’s image or voice in photographs, tapes, electronic reproductions.


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Improving Intimacy & Understanding by Weaving Together Heart & Mind

Jerome Front, LMFT Facilitator 


Includes Step-By-Step Techniques You will be able to apply immediately to improve your work with couples as well as your own relationships! So much has been written about improving relationships that is easy to get lost in it all. This workshop presents the latest relationship research and mind-body innovations that can bring healing into the heart of relationships. The focus is on a deep systems perspective that weaves together the elements of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Topics: Meditative Awareness in Reducing Emotional Reactivity; "What went wrong? and "What works"; Deepening "Expressive" & "Receptive" Skills; Relationship as "Deep Practice" & More. Methods: Experiential Practicing, Role-Plays, Lecture / Conceptualizing & Discussion. This also a Public Workshop - Individuals welcome as well. 


Participants will be able to:

1)    Define three Basic Facets of Mindfulness;

2)   Identify at least three elements involved in self-regulation;

3)   Identify ways that Mindfulness Informs step-by-step work in couple's communication;

4)   Apply Meditative and Contemplative Perspectives to build aspects of love and loving-kindness in relationships.

5)   Recognize and Explore how a therapist’s embodied mindfulness practice and cultivating it experientially promotes an ethical and clinical foundation for competency with mindfulness.

Presenter Bio: Jerome Front, MFT (Click About Us) 



-$119.00 Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$109.00 Interns & Students: Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$139.00 for any registrations AFTER TBD




(4 Hrs. CEUs for LMFT, LPCC, LCSW, LEP & CA BBS Interns)



Using Grief and Sadness to Deepen Purpose and Well-being" 


Presenters: Julie Brams-Prudeaux, LMFT, and Jerome J. Front, LMFT 

There are so many types of losses in the human experience -- death, separation from family and friends, divorce, broken dreams and failing health, as well as those losses that are known only in the privacy of your heart. This workshop will focus on these often painful but powerfully transformative periods of life. Held in mindful awareness and acceptance, aspects of loss can yield gifts of growth and deep healing. Methods: By exploring personal grief you'll learn to identify and use the often hidden, positive aspects within grief, loss and sadness to deepen your emotional and spiritual development in daily life. Experiential exercises, guided meditations, metaphor and art-process will also be used. ** 


Co-Presenter Bio: Julie Brams-Prudeaux, LMFT is a licensed therapist with a private practice in Encino and Sherman Oaks and a certified bereavement counselor. Over the past nine years she has worked both individually and in groups with people facing loss and has been Faculty Member of Systems Workshops, evolving this experiential workshop for 7 years. She created and facilitated grief support groups and healing circles around the issue of death and dying at WeSPARK in Studio City, and has published her views on the grief process. Her current project is a series of mindfulness-oriented workshops called: "Opening the Gift of Loss." Presenter Bio: Jerome Front, LMFT (see "About Us" menu selection on the left)



-$119.00 Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$109.00 Interns & Students: Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$139.00 for any registrations AFTER TBD



(4 Hrs. CEUs for LMFT, LPCC, LCSW, LEP & CA BBS Interns)




Presenter: Jerome J. Front, LMFT 

The use of Contemplative Processes, such as Mindfulness Meditation, Skillful Silence Revolutionizes the training of therapists.  This workshop weaves together nearly 30 years of meditative, clinical and innovative experiential activities that have helped thousands of therapists cultivate essential relational qualities.  


Essential clinical qualities include: personal presence, skill with silence, deep listening, tracking, attunement, empathy, self-other awareness, and much more!  Other topics include:  Living the healing relationship as "Deep Practice";   How therapy becomes a contemplative path for therapists and a way to practice moment-to-moment relational mindfulness.   Methods include periods of silent guided meditations to processing and discussion, sensory meditations and readings. 


Our work will also include reviewing some of the recent, exciting developments in neuroscience that both deepens our understanding about the mindful revolution and helps illuminate why meditative and contemplative practices have always worked.  In an era when mindfulness has become one of the major "trends" in psychotherapy, this seminar covers the relevant facets of mindfulness and the basics of what you need to know to provide the most effective and ethical clinical services involving mindfulness.  


This workshop will teach you the basics of having your meditative practice and will emphasize the value for therapists themselves to cultivate their own mindfulness meditation practice. Think on these:  Would you take music lessons from a teacher who hasn't played a musical instrument?  And, if you were teaching mindfulness clinically, would your own regular practice increase your understanding and skill?


If you like to learn by doing and are tired of hearing about mindfulness in crowded conference rooms, this workshop is for you!


CEU Participants will be able to:

-  Describe the basics to begin or deepen their own regular mindfulness practice as Training.

-  Recognize the application for Experiential Practice of several mindfulness meditations, including some components of the University of Massachusetts Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR)

- Build Mindfulness-based Interventions that cultivates relational / communication qualities such as listening, empathy, presence, and attunement that can be applied to diverse populations and relationships.

-List at least three facets of mindfulness that are foundational for mindfulness-related interventions.

Describe how having their own regular mindfulness practice provides the basis for both an Ethical and Competent use of mindfulness-related interventions.



-$119.00 Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$109.00 Interns & Students: Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$139.00 for any registrations AFTER TBD







Jerome Front, LMFT, lic # 30359 (CEPA #015848) is approved by 

the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists to 

sponsor continuing education for CA LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, LEPs and BBS Interns.  

Jerome Front, LMFT maintains responsibility for the CEU Courses programs and content.  

All CE Courses, e.g., workshops, retreats and classes meet criteria 

for Mandatory BBS Continuing Education Hours.  

CA BBS Interns may receive a Certificate of Attendance. 


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**Each specific CEU Course will designate exact amount of CEUs .  

**Each specific CEU Course (Workshop, Class or Retreat) will also list 

its specific Clinical CEU Objectives.



For complete information on any course, or for our disability accommodations, grievance policy, etc., 

please email or call Jerome Front, LMFT:  818-760-7725.