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Psychotherapy & Counseling

Zoom Appointments Available

Jerome Front, LMFT, and Anne M. Front, LMFT, are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists  providing Individual, Couples and Family Therapy.  Our office is in Studio City, CA, within the San Fernando Valley, close to the 101,  170, 5 and 405 Freeways.  For your convenience, we are located in the center of the Studio City restaurant, business and shopping district.


Your well-being and the quality of your care is important to us.  Insurance panels require case reviews which involve sharing your personal information.  We value your confidentiality and privacy, and therefore, we are not currently on any insurance panels, and we do not accept any HMO or Insurance. Upon request, we can provide you a Receipt verifying that you paid-in-full for rendered services.  If you choose, you are welcome to submit the receipt to your insurance for your direct reimbursement as your policy allows. There is no guarantee of insurance reimbursement. So, it is recommended that you check with your insurance company prior to counseling to see if your policy and coverage will reimburse you for psychotherapy.


Weekday (day or evening) and some Saturday (day) appointment times are available. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please call:  Jerome 818.760.7725 or Anne


In the event of an emergency, please call 9-1-1, or go to your nearest emergency room.

We accept cash,check, Zelle, Paypal or Venmo prior to the beginning of each session. 

For more information, please request. 

Benefits & Risks of Psychotherapy, Counseling, Advocate Services 

 & Professional Consultations


Engaging in psychotherapy, counseling, advocate services and professional consultations is not without risk. It requires active participation on your part to do the work in and between the sessions.  You may not be happy with the results or you may not feel the work is successful. It may take time to see the results of the work. It may cause disruption in your relationships - family, professional & employment relationships, friends. While the work you do with Jerome Front LMFT and/or Anne Front LMFT is confidential, there is a legal mandate for the therapist to break confidentiality if there is a risk of harm to self or others.  We are mandated reporters for potential child abuse, elder and dependent abuse, if a client is suicidal or homicidal and if a client reveals that they are viewing or participating in child pornography in any way. 


Many people feel that the benefits of doing psychotherapy, counseling, advocate services and professional consultations far outweighs the risks because they have a new perspective on life & relationships.  They start to want more for themselves, desire to feel better.  They often report better quality of life, quality of work and interpersonal richness with self and others.

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