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Private Mindfulness Sessions

Jerome provides down-to-earth yet inspiring private instruction in Mindfulness Meditation and helps you find practical ways to infuse more peace and satisfaction in everyday life. Sessions are individual or small group.  Each session is designed to meet your personalized needs.


Sessions draw on innovations in Mind-Body Medicine, including Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as well as traditional Eastern & Western Contemplative practices and metaphors that can deepen the experience of being alive, present and well. This training grows out of one of the original resources for mindfulness in Los Angeles, since 1996.  Jerome has more than 25 years of his own mindfulness meditation practice.


On-going depth lessons include: Increasing well-being; Bringing deeper presence and awareness to relationships and communication as well as sustaining meaning and creativity at work and at home. Experiential practices include: Sitting Meditation, Body-Scan, Sensory work, Gentle Stretching and more! 


Sessions are 60, 90 &120 minutes in length. For scheduling & Fees, please contact us.

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