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December 9, 2022 - Friday

In- person, one full day of mindfulness, silence and peace!

includes Silent Lunch Meditation - at Serra Retreat Center in Malibu, CA


Course meets the qualifications for 6 CE Hours for LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs, and/or LEPs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Science. 

Jerome Front, LMFT is approved by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists(Provider #15848) to sponsor Continuing Education

for CA LMFTs, LCSWs, LPCCs and/or LEPs.Jerome Front, LMFT maintains responsibility for this course and its content.    

NOTE: This Retreat usually fills up - register early - especially if you will be attending with anyone! COVID vaccination card, proof of negative COVID PCR test within 2 days (December 7th or later), or proof of same-day negative rapid test will be requested at the door in order to participate in retreat. Failure to comply will result in inability to attend.  No refunds will be provided. 


Savor the retreat center's rolling hills and hide-away grounds during this informative and soulful day of mindfulness and silence. This experiential training in mindfulness and meditation, taught in down-to-earth language, includes a delicious, working silent-lunch And silent dinner meditation!

This day is for being mindful, and actively learning mindfulness by experiencing it. This Retreat will help you understand the benefits of embodied mindfulness in your life, work and relationships. No prior meditation experience is necessary. 


Retreat Focus:

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:  DEC 09, 2022-  Mindfulness & Relationality CE Clinical Training:  Didactic and Experiential Day of Firsthand Learning.  This course emphasizes learning and experiencing the internal and external relational and systems aspects of mindfulness, as well as how mindfulness meditation techniques / relational mindful attention is a foundation for applying Mindfulness Clinically. Topics include:  How 3 specific facets of relational mindfulness can be used to identify various clinically relevant mind states, e.g., Thinking Vs Ruminating, as well as for formulating interventions for a new relationship to both stress and anxiety; How these internal relational skills produce emotion-regulation internally, and interpersonally.  How relational mindfulness is crucial to acquiring attuned listening and speaking – qualities that are essential in clinical work.  Relational mindfulness will help participants formulate down-regulating mindfulness practices using nature, awe, and spirit.  The workshop will alternate between lecture, immersive /experiential mindful practice which facilitates embodied, active learning, as well as periods of intentional silence and discussion of relational applications for clinical mindfulness. This active learning, and regular mindfulness practice, is recommended by mindfulness experts as essential to ensure an authentic, professional, ethical, and clinically competent use of mindfulness.


You are warmly invited to restore yourself at year's end with some well-deserved, luxurious time away! This is the original Los Angeles Mindfulness Retreat Workshop since 1996, where more than 3,200 people have deepened their sense of being more fully alive, and have returned again and again to deepen their active learning of mindfulness by practicing it! Come taste this peaceful, practical and integrating experience for yourself. The day includes music, poetry and time in the gardens -- for yourself or with a friend or colleague!  


Must present copy of COVID Vaccination Card, Proof of COVID PCR Negative Test within 2 days of event (December 7, 2022 or later) or proof of same-day negative rapid test will be requested at the door in order to participate in the retreat. 


NOTE: This Retreat usually fills up - register early - especially if you will be attending with anyone!

COST: (includes working lunch, dinner, and full-day workshop)  

> only $159.00! Early Discount for One person BEFORE DEC 2nd Deadline. 

> $189.00 each, Regular Fee, After DEC 2nd Deadline.


Refunds: No Refunds or transfers -for any reason- after DEC 2nd Deadline. 

Refunds prior to DEC 2nd are minus a 10% cancellation fee.

Mindfulness & Relationality Clinical CE Objectives: 

Participants will be able to:   

1) Identify 3 key facets to relational mindful relevant to clinical practice: Intention/Attention; Doing One Thing at One Time; The Present Moment.

2) Distinguish the Difference Between Two Clinically Relevant Mind States: Thinking Vs Paying Attention (Experiential Awareness).

3) Distinguish the Difference Between Two Clinically Relevant Mind States: Ruminating Vs. Thinking. 

4)  Describe How Changing our Relationship to Awareness and Breathing Cultivates Attentional and Self-Regulation. 

5) Describe How Affect Regulating and Self-Regulating Interventions Reduce Anxiety and Stress.

6 Formulate Down-regulating Mindfulness-based interventions using nature, awe, and spirit.


“Mindfulness Meditation, Contemplative Living & Reducing Stress”

If you've ever wanted to learn meditation in a safe environment or would like more relaxation, well-being and sanity as part of your everyday experience, this refreshing & life-affirming class is for you.  The class provides instruction in Mindfulness Meditation and helps you find ways to infuse more peace and satisfaction in everyday life. The class draws on innovations in Mind-Body Medicine and traditional Contemplative practices. This class grows out one of the original resources for mindfulness in Los Angeles, since 1996. 


Every class includes a lesson and an experiential practice. On-going depth lessons include: Increasing well-being; Bringing deeper presence and awareness to relationships and communication as well as sustaining meaning and creativity at work and at home. Experiential practices include: Sitting Meditation, Body-Scan, Sensory work, Gentle Stretching and more! 


You'll receive weekly instruction, warm support and an on-going intimate practice community to sustain your progress. Pre-Registration is Required to Enter Class. No CE hours for this class.. This is an 0n-going class - not a drop-by class. Class recommended readings include: The Wise Heart and The Mindful Brain, written by, respectively, Jack Kornfield and Daniel Siegel, as well as Coming To Our Senses, by Jon Kabat-Zinn. More information by clicking on the "Mindfulness Meditation Class" option on the menu. 


Meditative living is not an "alternative to ordinary life," but rather "ordinary life itself, lived more fully." Come taste how a regular meditation practice can infuse your days with a sweet, mindful awareness. For the next class cycle dates: (818) 760-7725.

This is an On-going class, paid in four consecutive-class cycles.  Not a drop-by class: Online Class in Zoom Room - video participation required.  Future classes may be held in Studio City. (Pre-registration Required) 

Two Choices: 

>Thursday Eves: 8:00-9:30pm. OR, 

>Fridays: 11:00am to 12:30pm. 


COST: Only $150 For a 4-Class Cycle. 

No refunds or transfers for missed classes.

Creating a more Mindful Valley -- with mindfulness classes easily accessible by Zoom  

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Improving Intimacy & Understanding by Weaving Together Heart & Mind

Jerome Front, LMFT Facilitator 

Date: TBD in Studio City

Includes Step-By-Step Techniques You will be able to apply immediately to improve your work with couples as well as your own relationships! So much has been written about improving relationships that is easy to get lost in it all. This workshop presents the latest relationship research and mind-body innovations that can bring healing into the heart of relationships. The focus is on a deep systems perspective that weaves together the elements of mind, body, emotions and spirit. Topics: Meditative Awareness in Reducing Emotional Reactivity; "What went wrong? and "What works"; Deepening "Expressive" & "Receptive" Skills; Relationship as "Deep Practice" & More. Methods: Experiential Practicing, Role-Plays, Lecture / Conceptualizing & Discussion. This also a Public Workshop - Anyone is welcome to attend. Individuals welcome as well. 


Presenter Bio: Jerome Front, MFT (see "About Us" menu selection on the left) 



-$99.00 Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$89.00 Interns & Students: Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$109.00 for any registrations AFTER TBD




Honoring Night,Reviewing the Day, Welcoming Tomorrow & Preparing for Sleep."

Presenter: Jerome Front, LMFT

Date: TBD in Studio City

Meditations, Reflections & Prayers for Honoring Night, Dealing with the End of the Day, Welcoming Tomorrow & Preparing for Sleep 4 CEUs for MFTs & LCSWs. Workshop Leader: Jerome Front, LMFT This unique, relaxing workshop is a warm invitation to see how mindfulness - a reverent, loving, knowing and accepting way of being - can enrich any part of the day. As the evening becomes night, and as night becomes tomorrow, we will explore meditations, reflections and prayers that can help us more fully inhabit our hours and moments. There will be reflections on: time and darkness; owning and letting go of the day as it passes; meditations for welcoming tomorrow's opportunity, and perspectives on preparing for a nourishing and peaceful night's rest. Topics / Methods will include: formal mindfulness meditations; informal mindful practice; prayers and reflections on contemplative living; music and poetry. Definitely bring your favorite, cozy blankets, pillows, and a journal or notebook. Please be sure not to have a heavy dinner or any alcohol before this workshop. Workshop begins at 9:00 pm -- you are welcome arrive a little early to relax :-) Enrollment is limited, be sure to register soon. 


-$99.00 Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$89.00 Interns & Students: Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$109.00 for any registrations AFTER TBD

Registration Info



Using Grief & Sadness to Deepen Purpose and Meaning 

Presenters:  Jerome Front, LMFT 

Date: TBD in Studio City

There are so many types of losses in the human experience -- death, separation from family and friends, divorce, broken dreams and failing health, as well as those losses that are known only in the privacy of your heart. This workshop will focus on these often painful but powerfully transformative periods of life. Held in mindful awareness and acceptance, aspects of loss can yield gifts of growth and deep healing. Methods: By exploring personal grief you'll learn to identify and use the often hidden, positive aspects within grief, loss and sadness to deepen your emotional and spiritual development in daily life. Experiential exercises, guided meditations, metaphor and art-process will also be used. This also a Public Workshop - Anyone is welcome to attend.

- TO REGISTER: CONTACT US @ 818-760-7725



-$99.00 Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$89.00 Interns & Students: Early Discount BEFORE TBD

-$109.00 Regular Fee for any registrations AFTER TBD

For more information or to register: (818) 760-7725


PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS include: UCLA Extension and LifeSpan Learning Institute

The Center for Mindfulness and Psychotherapy & InsightLA

Presents Thich Nhat Hanh, Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., Trudy Goodman, Ed.M., Sara Lazar, M.D., and Tara Brach, Ph.D. 


Cultivating Well-Being In The Present moment


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