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Workshop Reviews

Here's what recent participants from a Fortune 100 company are saying about our workshops.... 


Lessons Learned

--Thanks again for all your efforts. You were a huge success. The comments reinforce the tremendous impact and positive influence you have on people through your work. "

--too many to list. 


--I'm going to force myself to put these skills learned into practice. I don't want to lose a thing! 


--Great for work and personal focus! 


--To live in the moment. 


--Techniques to make me more productive and aware. 


--Live each moment and how to start doing that. This really is, only the beginning. 


--Excellent--learned how to accept things and put them along with life in perspective. All things are relevant in life. 


--Take time for breathing. I'm going to breath each morning before I go to work. I am also going to have a quiet lunch. 


--Focus. Breathing reaction to stress. 


--How to come back and reassess what is important and take the time to slow down. 


--I did not realize how much I bottle things up from the past, and how it effects me in my work and personal life as an adult. 


--I learned to stop and pay attention to what is going on in the moment. 




--excellent speaker 


--I'll be contacting Jerome for future retreats. 


--Wonderful information. I am sure it will help me throughout the different areas of my life--very exciting! 


--Wonderful, exhilarating, valuable. 


--Best 3 hours in the conference. 


--Thanks! We need this on an ongoing basis. 


--It's always good to have reminders to breath! 


--Excellent class--very moving and peaceful. 


--I need this more than any other workshop. 


--I realized I have to stop and realize what is important. 


--Not what I expected. Wow, what an eye opener. I really enjoyed my time. 


--Would be great if we could have workshops at work. 


--Life changing experiences. Great way to reduce stress and improve day to day experiences. 


--Very helpful and needed. 


--Very thought provoking! 

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